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Latest news...

Back from the brink.

It's been a very busy month but thanks to a lot of hard work, it looks like RefBan will now make a steady recovery.

We've managed to process most outstanding cashouts and are on target to resume regular payments in October. You can view our recent cashouts by visiting the site and clicking 'Payments' at the base of any page.

New buyers wanted!

Further to our last update, we've now resumed talks to find a new owner. Understandably, no-one wanted to buy the site while it was experiencing difficulties, but now prospects are brighter we've received several offers.

If you'd like to join the bidding process, you can contact support[at]  For general support requests, please visit the site and click 'Contact' at the base of any page.

Unlimited impressions!

We've now reworded our purchase page to better explain our product. Instead of 'many extra impressions' we've changed it to 'unlimited banner impressions' and 'real views' to reflect the true nature of our advertising.

This has already created an increase in sales, which has also increased our program's stability. For more details, just visit the site and click 'Buy' on the front page.

Huge thanks to everyone for still using RefBan. It's been a roller-coaster ride, but we're definitely getting there. More news soon.

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