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Facing facts: Avoiding closure.

We're extremely disappointed to announce that despite contacting thousands of people, we have been unable to find a suitable buyer for Referral Banners. We assume results will be the same on Flippa, so there won't be a public auction either.

This puts us in a very difficult position and we now have to do everything we can to keep the site open. This unfortunately means the following...

1. Members will no longer earn from displaying banners, but will continue to earn from affiliate sales and referral upgrades.

2. After September 3rd RefBan will effectively become a banner exchange. All impressions generated will be stored for advertising.

3. Outstanding cashouts will be processed within the next 90 days. Regular cashouts will return in October.

These drastic changes should hopefully create enough revenue to keep RefBan online. However, if the site is still unable to pay for its own hosting by the end of September, we may have to consider closure.

This is a sad end for a project with so much potential. Our sincere apologies to all members, but after investing so much time and money over the last two years, we've reached the limit of our resources.

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