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New site, new opportunity!

The creators of RefBan have just launched a brand new site! VIRU5 is a viral advertising network based on the number 5. You can earn money simply by telling your friends about it - they don't have to buy anything!

Members get paid for friends on 5 levels, so there's huge income potential. Upgrade to Pro to earn even more! Pro members also benefit from detailed stats, advanced link tracking and advertising credits.

Don't miss out on this great chance to earn some extra cash and to promote your links, products and services to a brand new audience! Sign up today via the link below - it's free!

A fresh start!

2 years ago we came up with a unique concept for a new kind of banner network. Since then over 400 million banners have been served by over 70 thousand members.

Referral Banners has been generating revenue since launch and has huge potential for increased growth and profitability. However, our team is now overstretched and we need time for new projects like VIRU5.

For this reason we're looking for someone that will, most importantly, look after our members and can also maintain development for continued success.

Potential bidders can contact us directly via support[at] IMPORTANT: If you have a general support query you should still contact

This email is being sent to over 50,000 people, but if no bidders can be found by September we'll be creating a public auction on Flippa.

Massive thanks to you all for supporting RefBan over the last couple of years. We hope the new owner will make the network even more profitable for everyone.

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