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Latest news...

Bigger commissions!

Due to our recent price increase, members are now being paid much more per sale! Plus, as we've cleared a lot of network inventory, campaigns are now being completed much faster, so advertisers are buying much more!

Previously 50,000 impressions cost $15 which gives a 30% commission of $4.50. The same package now costs $25 giving a 30% commission of $7.50. That's 3 dollars more, without any extra work!

It's been a tough few months to get to this stage, but now the network is more stable we'll soon be increasing the amount that Pro members earn for displaying banners too!

We currently pay $0.02 rCPM (for every 1,000 real views). This will be increasing to $0.05 rCPM! Together with referral earnings, this will make RefBan one of the highest paying banner networks in the world!

A massive thank you to everyone for staying with us this long. As you can imagine, we're very excited about the new changes and being able to reward our members fairly for all their hard work.

It will take a few weeks to put everything in place, but we estimate that the updates will be ready by the end of August. Stay on our mailing list and be the first to receive news as we have it.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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