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Spring sale! Get 50% extra free!

Spring is finally here and to celebrate we're giving away 50% extra with all advertising packages! That's up to half a million free impressions!

To buy, simply visit our site and click 'Buy' on the front page, then select an option and complete payment. Don't miss out - offer ends Thursday 27th March!

New sign-up and activity bonuses!

As part of our drive to get more banners shown, we'll soon be introducing some brand new bonuses for referring active members!

You will earn up to $0.10 for every referral that displays banners and up to $1.00 for every referral that displays over 1,000 banners!

We've created a new version of our FAQs ready for the update >

Get paid to share links!

No website? No problem! You can now make money from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more by sharing links!

It's easy - just log in and click 'Publish > Shorten A Link' then enter anything you'd share with friends. For example, pictures, videos, music or even referral links from other programs!

We pay a lot more than other link shorteners (details below) so don't delay, start earning real cash with RefBan today!

Upgrade for $5!

As a Pro member you'll earn twice as much from displaying banners and twice as much from your referrals!

Over 100,000 impressions are included each year and you'll earn 30% commissions for every referral that upgrades! That's nearly $3 for every member - every month!

Monthly earnings example...

You display banners daily - you earn $3.00 USD

50 referrals display banners daily - you earn $30.00 USD

20 referrals upgrade to Pro - you earn $54.00 USD

5 referrals purchase advertising - you earn $75.00 USD

Total monthly earnings: $162.00 USD

That's nearly $2,000.00 USD a year just for sharing links! With extra referrals you can earn even more! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

(Example based on estimates. Earnings are not guaranteed.)

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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