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Member listings, shortened links and more!

Member listings are live! You can now view each referral's user number, shortened email and how much they've earned you, plus publishing, advertising and upgrade details.

If you no longer want a referral, you can choose to recycle or drop them. Recycling rented referrals will generate free replacement credits, which can be used to exchange inactive referrals for more active ones.

You'll be able to do this next week (by Feb 7th) when we start renting out referrals again. We've completely overhauled the system, with brand new referral activity criteria to give you the best possible return.

Displaying banners yet?

To earn with RefBan you, or your referrals, must display banners. Log in now and click 'Publish', then complete the steps to add our code to your pages.

Next month we're introducing a new shortened links system. This will allow all members to publish banners, even if you don't have a website or blog!

Win a free Pro upgrade!

As a Pro member you can earn double from displaying banners, earn double from your referrals and withdraw your earnings easier. That's $0.02 daily for each active referral and up to $57 per sale!

Plus, if your referrals upgrade to Pro you can make over $25 each for every year they stay upgraded. That's right! Recurring yearly commissions - income for life!

Pro membership is usually $89, but if you retweet our messages on Twitter you can enter to win a year for free! Visit for details!

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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