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One million free impressions!

The holiday season is here and to boost your campaigns we're giving away one million impressions! That's $190 worth of high quality advertising for free!

Just visit our site, select package 5 and complete payment. The extra impressions will be automatically added to your account. Purchase as many times as you like, but hurry! Offer ends 11th December!

Detailed stats!

As part of the current system update, we'll soon be adding more detailed referral statistics. You'll be able to see user numbers, when they joined, display activity and more!

Due to various issues including database glitches, this has taken much longer to finish than planned. However, it will definitely be up and running by mid-December.

Referral exchange!

Great news for users that rented referrals! Together with new stats, we'll also be introducing a referral exchange system, so you can swap rented referrals if they are less active than expected.

You'll be able to replace purchased referrals once, or drop referrals that are completely inactive. This will be ready shortly after the completion of detailed stats.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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