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New simple system! Rent referrals!

Referral Banners has only been online for a few months, but we've already proved that our rent/refer model works. Thanks to users like you, we're now displaying millions of impressions every week!

Unfortunately, we recently lost our lead programmer which caused all development to grind to a halt. Ever since then we've been looking for replacements and we're very pleased to announce we now have an entirely new coding team!

Impression delivery problems have been fixed, Settings will be ready Monday 9th and the Convert page soon after. Not only that, but we're also simplifying the whole system to make it much easier to earn!

We currently pay you to refer other active users on ten levels, but only ONCE per active referral. We're changing this so you'll get paid for referral activity DAILY!

The new system will pay you for EVERY DAY that you show banners and for EVERY DAY that your direct referrals show banners. You'll also earn up to $57.00 USD per sale when they advertise!

There's a lot of work required, so to fund it we're giving you an incredible deal. Referrals will soon be available to rent monthly, but if you buy in the first month you can keep them for a whole year! That's right! 12 times the income for a 12th of the price! The earning potential is massive! Check out the example below...

Example Advertiser Income:

$0.10 for displaying banners daily - $36.50 per year
100 referrals display banners daily - $730.00 per year
1 referral advertises monthly - $684.00 per year
Total earned per year - $1450.50 USD

Referral Rental Packages:

20 referrals for a year (+ 10,000 impressions) - $20 - no saving
50 referrals for a year (+ 25,000 impressions) - $40 - save $10
100 referrals for a year (+ 50,000 impressions) - $70 - save $30

Referrals will be available to rent from Monday 16th September. Limited amount available - don't miss out!

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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