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Major code update! New features soon!

Referral Banners is a new kind of banner network. We rent banner space for flat daily rate, so there is no incentive for our users to artificially increase their clicks or impressions.

This instantly solves the biggest problem with the traditional CPM model and allows us to provide ultra high quality, targeted banner advertising at very competitive prices.

Plenty has happened since the site launched a few weeks ago. We've gradually improved our system to give the most accurate stats possible and we've already started paying users, proving our new business model works!

You can see cashout screenshots on our Facebook page. Just visit our site and click the icon next to the 'Follow us!' text.

New features!

We now have new 'Convert' and 'Settings' sections in development. By using 'Convert' you'll be able to exchange money earned into impressions and advertise your banners for free!

Our 'Settings' page will allow you to update your mail preferences, email address and password. We're also working on sales stats and ways for you to contact your referrals.

Buy advertising and earn double!

Having an advertiser account allows you to earn DOUBLE for displaying banners and DOUBLE from your referrals. That's a massive 30% per sale - up to $57 each!

For more details, just login and click the link in the top right. Don't miss out, buy now! Packages start at just $15!

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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