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Site launched! Start earning today!

Referral Banners successfully launched on April 29th! It's been a crazy few weeks since then and we have lots to tell you. There's way too much to cover in detail, so here are the main points...

- Site launched, then over capacity due to massive popularity

- Weeks of bug fixes and optimising code to deal with traffic

- Site stablised and moved to a more powerful server

- Active referral criteria simplified to boost all user earnings

- Stats tracking improved for publishers to give more accurate totals

- Guide > Promotional Resources section updated with banners

- Over 7.5 million impressions served by over 36,000 members!

New to RefBan? Here's a quick overview...


If you own a website, you can use this section to put banners on your pages. Unlike other networks, we'll pay you a guaranteed amount daily!

Just login and click 'Publish > Generate Code', to enter your details, then copy and paste the code onto your site.


Use this section to advertise your websites with your impressions. Simply add your banner, then create a campaign.

If you haven't purchased impressions yet, don't miss out! Advertisers earn double for a whole year with every package!

Referrals / Stats

Here's where you can track your referrals and earnings. You'll be paid for every active user that you refer to our site.

Now we've simplified the criteria, all your referrals have to do is display banners, or refer other active users, or advertise - that's it!

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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