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Last chance to earn double!

Referral Banners launches on April 29th and we'll soon be adding up your commission totals. This is now your LAST CHANCE to earn double from your referrals' advertising purchases.

If you still have a regular member account, you will only earn 15% - a maximum of $28.50 per sale. Becoming an advertiser allows you to earn DOUBLE from your referrals. That's a massive 30% - up to $57.00 for every sale!

Purchasing advertising also allows you to earn DOUBLE when you display banners on your sites. Instead of just $0.05+ USD, your earnings will start at a guaranteed $0.10+ USD daily - increasing with more active referrals!

Of course, you also get our unique banner impressions too! Unlike other networks, we rent space on members' pages, so there's no incentive to artificially inflate clicks or views.

This allows us to deliver much higher quality advertising for much lower prices. Packages start at just $15 for 50,000 impressions. Please login for further details.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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