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Exclusive news from RefBan!

This is the first ever Referral Banners newsletter and we have lots of exciting information for you!

Firstly, there's been a great deal of speculation about the free $10 sign-up bonus. It is not just for advertising. If you wish, you'll be able to exchange your balance for banner impressions, however the $10 you have in your account is real cash that can be withdrawn with the rest of your earnings after we launch. As we now have over 10,000 members, it means we've already paid out over $100,000.00 USD in free sign-up bonuses!

We'll soon be sending out a global press release about our unique approach to banner advertising and how fast the network is growing. This will generate much more interest and really give us a boost before launch!

RefBan Facts: #1.

With each of our pre-launch newsletters, we'll be providing new information about the network. This time it's also about sign-up bonuses. As you know, we currently give out $10 per member. When we launch we'll be dropping this to $5 per member. This means any members you sign up under you right now will instantly get double! 2013 is less than 2 months away and we could launch as soon as January, so the $10 bonus won't be around for long!

Get Referrals For Free!

We know that getting referrals for any program can be time consuming and expensive. Here are four useful tips for getting referrals cheaply or free...

1. Use traffic exchanges!

A great way to direct people to any page for free is to use a traffic exchange. For every page you view, you'll earn credits to advertise your own. Some exchanges we'd recommend are...

2. Use our banner!

If you have your own website and know how to edit the code, we recently designed our own banner. Simply visit our FAQs to find out more -

3. Advertise on PTCs!

Paid-To-Click sites (PTCs) are a fast and low cost way to promote the web address of your choice. Some sites offer advertising from just $0.001 USD per visitor, that's 1,000 for a dollar! PTCs we'd recommend... (also owned by Rogue, creators of RefBan)

4. Tell your friends!

Perhaps the most powerful thing you can do is actually talk to someone about RefBan. Whether they need some extra cash or are looking for a new place to advertise, it's a great opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

We'd also recommend posting your referral link on any social networks, groups or forums you're a member of. Obviously our anti-spam policy should be observed at all times.

Thanks very much for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. You can also follow updates on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Links on our website...

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