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Frequently asked questions...
How does it work?
RefBan is a combined banner network and referral system. Members can trade real views from displaying banners on pages or links, and also earn money by referring other people. > Details
How much does it cost to join?
Our program is free to join and you can earn an unlimited amount.
What are impressions?
Every time a banner is shown on a website or link, that counts as one banner impression.
Where can I find my member number?
Please log in and click 'Referrals' then click 'Referral Links'. Your member number is at the end of your main referral link address. For example, the 12345 part of
How much can I earn?
You'll earn high quality advertising in return for displaying banners on pages and links, and you'll earn money when you refer other members that advertise or upgrade. Details below...
1,000 real views (rCPM)
Affiliate sales commission
Maximum earnings per sale
What is rCPM?
We only trade real banner views. This is a unique twist on the conventional CPM banner model that fairly rewards members while providing high quality impressions for advertisers.
Will I earn more if I put banners on multiple sites?
Yes, you'll earn more real views to trade and earn more money from referral sales.
How can I pay and get paid?
We currently support payments via PayPal and we'll soon be adding other processors for non-PayPal countries, plus payments via international check (cheque).
Can I pay or get paid via Payza?
Yes, we'll soon be adding this processor.
How do I cashout / withdraw my earnings?
When you have matched our cashout criteria (see Terms) a link will appear at the bottom of the 'Referrals' page. You'll then be able to enter your email and other payment details.
Do I have to refer buyers?
Yes, just like any other affiliate program, in order to earn money you must generate sales (advertising purchases or upgrades). Prices start at just $5, so it's very easy.
I'm displaying banners, why am I not earning real views?
To earn with our rCPM model you need real people to view your published banners. These are visitors that have reached your pages or links naturally. Examples...

> Telling people / advertising your website address
> Linking via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc
> People finding your pages via search engines

We do not count visitors that have been purchased and/or sent direct. Examples include...

> Paid To Click (PTC) and 'bux' sites
> Manual / automatic traffic exchanges
> Bulk sources, like pop-ups / pop-unders

However, these visitors may join as referrals, so you can still earn money from them.

Can I join and earn even if I don't have a website?
Yes, you can still make money by referring members that advertise or upgrade.
Where can I find your terms of service?
Our terms are here and our privacy policy is here.
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