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Referral Banners is a new kind of network. We only trade real banner views so there is no
incentive for our users to inflate their totals with artificially generated clicks or impressions.

This greatly improves on the usual CPM (cost per thousand) model, allowing us to deliver
unlimited banner impressions until you receive all the real views you've paid for.

You can target your adverts by country, category and by language. For example, German
technology websites with English content. Just select a package to get started...

50,000 real views
$0.50 rCPM
100,000 real views
$0.45 rCPM
Save $5!
200,000 real views
$0.29 rCPM
Save $42!
500,000 real views
$0.25 rCPM
Save $125!
1,000,000 real views
$0.19 rCPM
Save $310!
Express order system. Automatic account setup.

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Please allow 5-7 days for eCheck (eCheque) payments to clear.
All prices in USD. Payments handled by Rogue Media Ltd.

Rogue Media Ltd is registered in England and Wales. Company Number 05347317.
Registered Office: Britannia Court, 5 Moor Street, Worcester, WR1 3DB, UK.

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